Designer Spotlight

Every month Laurel & Wolf has a designer they showcase, I was honored to be selected as February's designer. You can also check it out on their blog:

I thought I would share the post with you below, I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to contact me if you are curious how Laurel & Wolf works.

*Update I no longer work with Laurel & Wolf, but please feel free to email me if you would like to work together on a E Design Project.


Laurel & Wolf Designer Aundra Skinner comes from a long line of artists that effortlessly canvassed images that would impress any critic. It seemed as though that gene eluded her until she moved away from her family and immediately started seeing visions of how she wanted her new home to look and feel. It wasn’t long before friends and family were pulling her into their own homes to work her gift. “I feel so blessed that I am able to help others just by doing what I love to do.” Aundra’s philosophy is, “Decorating your home is more than putting furniture into a room, your home is a reflection of who you are.” According to the accomplished designer, “That is what I aim to do, bring personality to your home.”
Get to know Laurel & Wolf’s Aundra Skinner and find out how to start a project with her here!

What is your dream project?For those who know me know that I love mixing old with new. I’ve has always wanted to transform an old farmhouse and breathe new life into what once was old. There is nothing that speaks to me more than old time craftsmanship with a modern touch.
What is one place you have traveled to that has inspired the design of your own home?Recently my husband and I took a road trip up the Maine coast. As we drove from town to town along a two lane highway, it became apparent that our attention was upon the brilliant homes and beautiful landscaped lawns — taking in the New England air and feeling the nostalgia of a time long ago. The beautiful New England colonial cottages oozed with architectural character, down to the crisp white gates, cedar siding and bold paint colors. This is the feeling that I have worked into the feel of my own home, crisp clean whites with subtle pops of color.
If you got to pick a movie to live in, which would it be?This is a tough question, but I would have to say “Under the Tuscan Sun.” I find myself reflecting often on the subject of just slowing down and enjoying the simple things that bring us joy. To me, a perfect picture is a small cottage with an old iron fence that is trying to contain an array of flowers and greenery, alongside a simple, yet warm home that provides enough sitting room for loved ones to assemble and share their time with one another.
What is the least glamorous thing you do as a designer?Making it happen! This is the side most do not see. I have spent weeks with orange hands from staining, wearing the same clothes longer than I like to admit, all in the name of getting it done. Things don’t always go as planned. Behind the pretty photo of a well assembled space is a girl with sore hands and paint in her hair.
If you were to create the ideal design power couple, who would they be and why?
I am inspired by so many designers. But my two favorites are Sarah Richardson and Joanna Gaines. Sarah Richardson’s style is amazing and she inspires me with the way she mixes patterns and colors. And not to mention the way she uses antiques, mixing the old with the new — love her! I know everyone loves Joanna Gaines, but I do too. I love her for the fact that she keeps it simple and clean. Every time I watch her show I wanna get up and go antiquing.
You have $100 to put the finishing touches on a space. What do you do?Layers. Rooms have to have layers! I believe blankets, pillows, curtains and natural elements such as flowers add that warm touch that every room needs. Just as with fashion, layers such as scarves, jackets and jewelry pull your outfit together. Adding natural elements to the room adds interest, texture and depth. Bringing the outside in is always important.