How To Successfully Have White Decor With Kids

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Image: Amber & Honey

I know it sounds like a oxymoron but you can have white in your home even if you do have kids. It's certainly not easy, but it is totally doable. In fact you can have a lot of white in your home and not be in constant fear of stains. Here is how:




Image: Remodelaholic

The best way to get a large amount of white in your home is with your walls. This is primarily because you don't have to worry about your children getting these as dirty as everything else in your home. Find a beautiful white paint that you love and you can paint the whole house. Lucky for you white paint has been a huge trend for quite some time and is incredibly easy to maintain.

If plain old white is just to simple for you, you can get a wallpaper with a white background and fun pattern. Like this example here, you can really make a statement with this beautiful geometric pattern, and it still gives you an enormous amount of white. Just be sure you are getting yourself a type that is easy to clean and wipe down.




Image: Joywell West

Now with textiles you have to be careful. You need to make sure it's something that won't give you a heart attack if slimy fingers start touching it. So it should be something that is easy to clean. For example if you have curtains or bedding that is all white, once they get dirty you can easily have them cleaned and or bleached to get them looking new again.

Avoid white pillows and rugs because it's just too much work and will certainly increase your blood pressure.



Let me be clear, I am absolutely not referring to anything with white upholstery. That is guaranteed to fail. I do however think anything with a white laminate or paint is a fabulous solution. If you get something like catsup or applesauce on your white end table, you can easily wipe it clean. There is no stress for you or the kids




Image: Hither & Tither

Add in a large amount of white accessories wherever you can. One of my personal favorites are large white planters. You can arrange some white plant stands in a corner and fill it with some beautiful plants. Now you have suddenly made yourself a statement corner incorporating your favorite color.
Other great white accessories are candles, frames, flowers, lamps, or even art. You'll notice that you can have as much white as you want once you put pieces up high. Fill your walls or floating shelves with these accessories and you will discover what a difference these small pops of white can be.

Written by Rhiannon Gillis