Vintage Locker Rehab

I have been searching for the perfect cabinet for my son's industrial room. I absolutely love the one's from Restoration Hardware but I can not bring myself to spend $1200 on them. I knew I would be able to find something similar, it was just going to take a little patience to find the right thing.

A former client of mine had a set of lockers sitting on her front porch. Graciously she sold me a set which had six cubbies. I knew they had some potential and with a little TLC they would be perfect for my son's room. Here's the before picture.


With a little cleaning it was ready for a fresh coat of paint. I started by taping off the locker numbers. I went with Rustoleum Metallic spray paint. I usually am not a fan of metallic but this is a flat metallic spray paint. Love, love, love it! I used the color "Soft Iron". I ended up using 2 can's total on this project. This stuff covers so well. I have also used this product on my outdoor light fixtures, door knobs and cabinet pulls. Endless possibilities!

Now the top of the lockers were another story. These were going in my six year old's room. This kid is so accident prone it's a little ridiculous. The lockers had some sharp edges, I decided to add some plywood to the top for safety reasons.


Now I needed to distress the wood to make it look like it goes with the lockers. I use a color wash and dark stain to get the right look. I used this paint for his dresser and nightstand. I knew this would be the perfect color to use as wash on the top. I used half water half paint mixture. I used Behr Welded Iron for the paint color. After I applied the wash and let it dry I used a dark stain over the paint. The reason I use a wash is that way you can still see the wood grain. Once the dark stain is applied over that you get a aged farmhouse wood. This is a very simple easy process. This is what it looks like once the stain is applied.


I ended up adding another coat of stain to darken it a little more. I love how it turned out. My little man was so excited about the new addition in his room, although his room is not done by any means. I am very detailed oriented and am waiting till I find the right pieces for his room. This has been a very fun process, especially since Austin has been there helping me along the way. He's helped me paint his room and put the board and batten up on the walls.
Here is the finished product..